Euro T20 SLAM Fixtures, Timetable And Schedule

EuroT20 Slam Fixture, TimeTable

I think Euro T20 SLAM is a great addition on a franchise based and T20 league in the world. This great squad will be started very soon from 30 August to 22 September. The cricket fans are very happy and excited for this league.

The Official schedule was announced on Tuesday 30 April. Here a table of Euro T20 SLAM that tells the schedule and fixtures with all detail.


VRA Cricket Academy, Amsterdam and in NETHERLAND

Match No: Date and Day                  TEAMS Time (GMT)
1: 30 Aug 2019’Fri Amsterdam VS Rotterdam 10:30 Hrs
2: 30 Aug 2019’Fri Glasgow VS Belfast 14:30 Hrs
3: 31 Aug 2019’Sat Edinburgh VS Dublin 10:30 Hrs
4: 31 Aug 2019’Sat Amsterdam VS Belfast 14:30 Hrs
5: 01 Sep 2019’Sun Glasgow VS Dublin 10:30 Hrs
6: 01 Sep 2019’Sun Edinburgh VS Belfast 14:30 Hrs
7: 02 Sep 2019’Mon Rotterdam  VS Belfast 14:30 Hrs
8: 03 Sep 2019’Tue Amsterdam VS Edinburgh 14:30 Hrs
9: 04 Sep 2019’Wed Edinburgh VS Belfast 14:30 Hrs
10: 05 Sep 2019’Thu Amsterdam  VS Rotterdam 14:30 Hrs


Match No: Date and Day                    TEAMS Time (GMT)
11: 06 Sep 2019’Fri Edinburgh VS Glasgow 10:30 Hrs
12: 06 Sep 2019’Fri Rotterdam VS Belfast 14:30 Hrs
13: 07 Sep 2019’Sat Amsterdam VS Dublin 10:30 Hrs
14: 07 Sep 2019’Sat Edinburgh  VS Rotterdam 14:30 Hrs
15: 08 Sep 2019’Sun Belfast VS Amsterdam 10:30 Hrs
16: 08 Sep 2019’Sun Dublin VS Rotterdam 14:30 Hrs
17: 09 Sep 2019’Mon Glasgow VS Rotterdam 14:30 Hrs
18: 10 Sep 2019’Tue Edinburgh  VS Dublin 14:30 Hrs
19: 11 Sep 2019’Wed Dublin  VS Rotterdam 14:30 Hrs
20: 12 Sep 2019’Thu Edinburgh VS Glasgow 14:30 Hrs


Match No: Date and Day                        TEAMS Time (GMT)
21: 13 Sep 2019’Fri Dublin VS Belfast 10:30 Hrs
22: 13 Sep 2019’Fri Glasgow VS Rotterdam 14:30 Hrs
23: 14 Sep 2019’Sat Amsterdam VS Edinburgh 10:30 Hrs
24: 14 Sep 2019’Sat Dublin VS Glasgow 14:30 Hrs
25: 15 Sep 2019’Sun Edinburgh VS Rotterdam 10:30 Hrs
26: 15 Sep 2019’Sun Amsterdam VS Glasgow 14:30 Hrs
27: 16 Sep 2019’Mon Belfast VS Glasgow 14:30 Hrs
28: 17 Sep 2019’Tue Dublin VS Amsterdam 14:30 Hrs
29: 18 Sep 2019’Wed Amsterdam VS Glasgow 14:30 Hrs
30: 19 Sep 2019’Thu Dublin VS Belfast 14:30 Hrs

Not only that here’s these countries have their nicknames. The names are:

  • Amsterdam knows as “Amsterdam Kings”.
  • Rotterdam knows as “Rotterdam Rhinos”.
  • Glasgow knows as “Glasgow Giants”.
  • Belfast knows as “Belfast Titans”.
  • Dublin knows as “Dublin Chiefs”.
  • Edinburgh knows as “Edinburgh Rocks”.

Rules and Format for Euro T20 Teams:

First of all, there are a total of six teams; two teams from each country. And there are nine domestic player in each team and seven overseas players from each team. But there only six domestic players would play in the game. There would be thirty-three matches would be held between six teams including the semi-final and final.

The names of the teams are:

  • Amsterdam
  • Rotterdam
  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh
  • Dublin
  • Belfast
  • Amsterdam and Rotterdam are the teams from Netherlands.
  • Edinburgh and Glasgow are the teams from Scotland.
  • Dublin and Belfast are the teams from Ireland.

I think this is a big event as we saw like this there are many other leagues like Pakistan Super League (PSL), Indian Premier League (IPL), Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) and many other. This European league presents a brilliant opportunity for the players because many players come on the top to show their skills and make their name on top of the series.

This summer is so enjoying full for the cricket fans especially for Ireland, Scotland, And Netherlands because now cricket fans are busy in the world and the next moment they will see the Euro T20 League which is known as SLAM. Some peoples are very excited to see this league.

Even some information is not ready about this Euro cricket League. It has been designed to promote the game of different types of players and fans also. Old player and new players feel the enjoyment that every game give but especially cricket.

Timing and Location of EURO T20 SLAM 2019:

It is common to play that matches are played at the night so I think these matches would also be played in the night or evening. Because almost everyone feels free at night to see the matches in the stadium or on television. Many channels are going to give live streaming.

Now the location of EURO T20 SLAM would also be played in these countries Ireland, Scotland, and Netherlands. Some people want to see matches in the stadium so they are upset about the location. Don’t worry the location of matches is in this stadium.

According to news the matches would also be played in these countries:

  • First ten matches would be played in DURBIN.
  • Next ten matches would be played in EDINBURGH.
  • Last ten matches would be played in AMSTERDAM.

In the end, if you are a cricket fan so you want to enjoy the cricket in the stadium. And you can also enjoy the weather of these countries and as well as the matches of Euro T20 SLAM. At last, I hope you will enjoy a lot.


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