European T20 leagued Renamed with Euro T20 Slam

Euro T20 League Renamed Euro T20 Slam

The European T20 cricket league started after few months. The competition would be held between Ireland, Scotland, and Netherland. Earlier these countries have no cricket teams because the cricket is not a dominant game in their states.

Now cricket is the most popular game in the world for seeing this, these states make their new teams. Each state has two teams; two from Ireland, two from Scotland and two from Netherlands.

Euro T20 Slam Start in August


In 2019 Scotland Cricket with ICC European T20 leagued Renamed with Euro T20 Slam

According to the rule of cricket, the teams depends upon many players but eleven-player plays in the ground and the other four or five players sit outside the ground because during playing cricket sometimes the man got serious injuries.

But there the teams depends upon six home player and the other players decided from other countries. The maximum overseas players are seven in this squad from their states.

International Cricket Council (ICC) indicate WARREN DEUTROM and Chief Executive of Cricket Ireland as saying: Cricket and Excitement was our goals and we struggle then we got it. It is necessary for all cricket fans. It was important to convey our points in different markets of Ireland, Scotland, and Netherland.

The names and groups of these teams are not decided but according to rule the tournaments of this league will start from 30 August to 22 September. The league has 33 matches including the semi-finals and finals.


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