New European Cricket League [T20 Slam] started from 30 August to 22 September

Euro T20 Slam Start in August

What is the saying of their chief of their states? There are some rules to developed for this euro cricket league. The rules for players are: There is 9 domestic player but and up to a maximum of seven overseas players in the squad. Furthermore, the rule maintained there will be play six domestic players play in a match from 11 players.

The Chief Executive of cricket Ireland WARREN DEUTRAM said:

 “We are very excited that what has essentially been an 18-month project in planning is across the line. The quality and competitive performances in white-ball cricket played by the three nations involved has been on full display over recent years, and we saw a joint competition as the best means of ensuring that there would be high-quality cricket for the players and fans to enjoy.”

“The global rise of T20 franchise cricket is a phenomenon within our sport, and there is no secret that Ireland’s performances at this format of the game have not been where we have wanted over the last few years. That, for us, was one of the prime motivators for such a competition – to provide greater opportunities for Irish players to play top quality T20 cricket. The ability to play alongside a range of experienced international cricketers will only benefit both the established and emerging Irish talent that will be involved over the next decade.”

“It was also important for us, given our current work and investment into building the international and domestic structures required to compete successfully as a new Full Member of the ICC, that we found an event delivery and funding partner that would complement our strategic plans. In Woods and GS Holding Inc. we have some well-credentialled and experienced partners to provide this.”

“For Ireland, the current proposal is that one franchise team will be based in Dublin and another in Belfast. This promises to be an exciting venture for Irish cricket fans and we all look forward to seeing the tournament get underway in August.”

“Finally, on behalf of Cricket Ireland, I would like to thank the Board and Management teams from Cricket Scotland and Cricket Netherlands on their enthusiastic and collegiate approach to supporting the development of the tournament. We look forward to our inaugural decade of top-quality domestic T20 cricket that has the potential to raise the standards and performances of our respective national sides.”

Mr. Prashant Ramesh Mishra, Managing Partner – Woods Entertainment, said:

“It has been an exercise of around 18 months for us and I must say that the way Cricket Ireland has worked towards developing every stage to come till this sanction has been extremely professional and commendable. It reinstates our belief that we have great partners to work with.                                                                                                                                        “Unlike the other T20 leagues, this has teams representing different nations of one continent and not just cities of one nation. This widens the reach of team loyalties and helps us look deeper into unexplored cricket markets. Cricket will surely be loved here and since the format is so fast-paced and energetic, we can certainly expect a blockbuster tournament.”


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