VRA Cricket Academy Amsterdam

The Event of EuroT20 league Tournament 2019 has held in VRA Cricket Academy Amsterdam on 30 August 2019. The incredible location selected for the league of cricket in Amsterdam. That is one of a beautiful place in the cricket clubs of Amsterdam. Here three ground also available for play cricket but VRA Cricket Academy Amsterdam is the best in all the land of Amsterdam. It will provide the unbelievable pitch of wicket for balling and batting of the team. The grass of his ground is very smooth and pitiable. So that is a popular place for playing cricket tournament 2019.
In this ground provide comfortable seats for cricket fans. Fans can see to his tournament face to face and enjoy the cricket match with eating popcorn during his match. Many fans of cricket love to cricket the EuroT20 league tournament 2019. This location is one of the most attractive for watching a cricket tournament. His ground provides many facilities for cricket players and fans such provide beautiful building and pitiable batting and bowling pitch. They provide exercise time to the cricket player. They provide comfortable rooms for the players. No fees are taking of game and training of play in the ground from the player. Coach and captain of the team play the main role that improves the skill and groom to the player in bowling and batting.
When batting pitch becomes good in the ground then score becomes high and it’s roundabout 120-190 in the ground. This ground will become the first ten matches of this league on this ground of Netherlands. The first match will become on the exact of 30 August 2019 Between Amsterdam vs Rotterdam Rhinos on Friday at 10:30 hrs in the home ground of VRA Cricket Academy Amsterdam. The last match will become on this ground between Amsterdam vs Rotterdam Rhinos on  5 September 2019 on Thursday at 14:30 in his ground. VRA Cricket Academy Amsterdam is very equitable for fans of cricket. It is a very famous ground in the Netherlands.
The entrance in that ground becomes very easy soon for fans of the league tournament. The fans of cricket will make wonderful to this location for an icon player. All fans will catch the poster and make the image become on this poster. That is why fans will become very excited to see the player of the team The Grange Club, Edinburgh.

Schedule of Matches That Take Place in VRA Cricket Academy, Amsterdam:

Match  Day  Date Games Time(GMT)
1 Fri 30 August 2019 Amsterdam Knights vs Rotterdam Rhinos 10:30 hrs
2 Fri 30 August 2019 Belfast Titans vs Glasgow Giants 14:30 hrs
3 Sat 31 August 2019 Dublin Chiefs vs Edinburgh Rocks 10:30 hrs
4 Sat 31 August 2019 Amsterdam Knights vs Belfast Titans 14:30 hrs
5 Sun 1 September 2019 Dublin Chiefs vs Glasgow Giants 10:30 hrs
6 Sun 1 September 2019 Belfast Titans vs Edinburgh Rocks 14:30 hrs
7 Mon 2 September 2019 Rotterdam Rhinos vs Belfast Titans 14:30 hrs
8 Tue 3 September 2019 Amsterdam Knights vs Edinburgh Rocks 14:30 hrs
9 Wed 4 September 2019 Belfast Titans vs Edinburgh Rocks 14:30 hrs
10 Thu 5 September 2019 Amsterdam Knights vs Rotterdam Rhinos 14:30 hrs



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